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The transition from one economic life to another always required some kind of revolution. The information revolution is likely to be the most impactful, as it has the potential to reorganise our lifes way more that the agriculture and industrial revolution.

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Education is a vehicle that allows people to participate, but not everyone has the same digital proficiency, so we offer personalised and group workshops.

Forge the Vault

The average person has approximately 100 online accounts today. Learn to secure your digital identity with the best, but simple, security practices across all your technology devices. Tablet, Laptop or Phone.

  • How to secure your digitial life``
  • How to use a password manager``
  • Setup 2FA``
  • Backups``
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Be your own bank

Blockchain first steps, create your non-custodial wallet following best practices for a successful and stress free experience.

  • What is a wallet``
  • How to create/store/restore a wallet``
  • How to send/receive/delegate ADA``
  • How to use a hardware/mobile/web wallet``
  • Intro to self-sovereign identity``
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Unleash your identity's trust

From DeFi, to other staking services and governance. A new society is working.

  • Treasury & Catalist``
  • Governance: CIP-1694``
  • DeFi``
  • RealFi``
  • Tokenomics``
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Are you an enterprise?

We offer custom workshops for your company's needs. From basic to advanced.