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Stake pool

Staking is a mechanism for digital token holders to participate in a blockchain network security protocol and get monetary rewards for doing so. At the club, we run a Cardano mining node where people can do staking & participate.

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Our consulting services can help you understand the feasibility of your idea, or maybe you want some help scaling your team while adding agile practices and quality increase of your software services.

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Personal Sovereignty for Every Digital Citizen

Internet improved and disrupted commerce, communications, and many other things, but never quite much sovereignty and civilian identity — until now.

Also known as a decentralized identity, Self-Sovereign Identity is the idea that you can own, hold and control your data just like you can own, hold & control your Bitcoin, ADA or any other blockchain asset

Blockchain technologies are not just a monetary revolution but a trust revolution. Unlike the church or the nation state, the network state democratizes the ability of individuals and organizations to establish their own digital trust.

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